Wayne Booth CEO B&C GROUP (established 1981)

Wayne Booth – CEO B&C GROUP (Established 1981)

“Having been part of the media and marketing environment for over four decades, and seen the changes and challenges that the market has evolved into, (whether one sees them as good or bad), the importance is to ensure that if you align with a business partner that the following  principles that you have come to expect as part of your arsenal as a business player are what your partners represent.

Namely……. ethics, trustworthiness and a full understanding of what the new look and feel of marketing and advertising demands…and expects. As a senior player in this ever-changing environment, one has to allow the “young bloods” of this industry to show us, teach us, and assist us in climbing these new mountains, reaching the top and assisting us with our clients to reach new pinnacles in the ever-changing landscape of marketing. 

Cutting through the clutter and making us visible to an ever-changing customer base is critical to survival, and we are ever thankful that King Hood Media and Consulting not only embraces our values but defines them in so many ways.  If you believe that your business needs positive change, then King Hood Media should seriously be part of your future!”