Updated: August 6 2023

For any queries email: dee@kinghood.co.za

Basic FAQ’s

1. How much time does it take to provide the initial concepts?

• The initial concepts will be provided on average within 48 to 120 hours once the brief has been submitted and payment has been received.

2. Why does it take 48-120 hours to deliver?

• Each project has its own particular requirements and we promise our clients to provide them innovative concepts that help increase sales. Brainstorming, conceptualising and thinking of new ideas takes time. Quality assurance is our top priority.

3. How does revision process works?

• We offer 2 free drafts (also known as a revisions or proofs) on all our offerings there after our hourly rate applies for any additional changes.

4. How does the changes approval process works?

We offer 2 free drafts (also known as a revisions or proofs) on all our offerings thereafter our hourly charge of R1250 applies for any additional changes. You will receive an email with a draft of your chosen offering via email (also known as a revision or proof), Let us know if you are happy over email, if not simply send us your desired changes over email we will do our best to make the necessary changes are met. We will then send an updated draft for sign off. If we do not hear back on email in 72 hours after sending a draft it is seen as the draft has been signed off.

5. If I choose your package what happens?

• Once you order, we will get the creative process rolling.

6. Do you have specific style of work?

• We have a team of versatile strategists and creative. All the styles will vary based on each project.

7. What will happen when I select my final design?

• Once you select the final design you will be provided with the complete source files and variations.

8. How many days a week are you available?

• We are available 5 days a week from 09:00am -17:00pm this excludes weekends and public holidays.

Getting started FAQ’s

1. What do you need to get started?

• We need your company logo, color preferences and your website link (optional). We will create document templates for you.   Please note that each package has a page limit.

2. Will I be able to change the file content (text & images) myself?

• Sure, the delivered files will be fully editable using Microsoft word 2007 till the latest version.

3. Can I be able to create an editable copy of a design that I have?

• We have to discuss your requirements first then we will give you a custom offer based on the work needed, the packages will not fit as designs differs by time and efforts needed. Also some changes may be needed to bring the design into editable word document.

4. I want to send my document by Outlook as a newsletter, can I do this.

• Not directly, you can send it as PDF. Using word for sending emails is not advisable, you should consider using another application that supports responsive email design – contact us for more details.

5. Do you provide work in other languages?

• Yes we can, however it takes time to have translation done. We currently provide work in English.

Business Cards FAQ

1. What details do I get to start the work?

• You will receive a business card briefing form link that will ask for the details you want on the card, colour combination, if you like any design or know the type of the design you want let us know. We need your logo as a Hi Res .PNG file  (transparent format)

2. Will the formats be print ready?

• Yes, all the packages included 100% print ready files

3. Which package contains editable PSD files?

• All our packages contain editable open files

4. Can you design a logo for me?

• Yes, we design logos. There is a package for logos.

5. After you completion of my design works, Is there any further support in future, can I get modification on the Logo?

• Sure, we will definitely help you with modification, there is however our hourly charge will apply.

6. Is their any additional charge for qr code?

• No QR code is 100% free.

7. Can you design business card according to my given size?

• Sure, We can design the business card according to your given sizes.

8. What’s included in the package?

• Our packages contain 2 sided business card + 300 dpi CMYK jpeg, png (transparent). 99% of the buyers want 2-sided business card.

9. Will MS Word File Easily and Completely Editable?

• Yes, the MS Word File will be easy and completely editable. The design will follow on each and every page or can be tweaked as asked.

Web Design FAQ

1. Are your websites SEO friendly?

• With our professional on-page SEO, your website will rank highly in organic Google searches for some low competitive, long tail and localized keywords that your competition isn’t using.

2. How does it work?

• We find an expired domain with backlinks from an authority site, register that domain and set up 301 redirect to your site. 301 redirect pass 100% of the link juice, so you’ll get the full power of a backlink from a DA85+ website.

3. Is it niche relevant & dofollow?

• Yes, we provide niche relevant and dofollow backlinks only.

4. Any samples?

• Sure, as any of our team to send you an example of our websites email admin@kinghood.co.za

5. Which niches do you accept?

• We accept most niches, Expect ADULT, porn, casino, gambling, movies sites and any illegal activity.

6. Are these links permanent?

• Yes, all links are permanent.

7. Is your service Google friendly?

• Our service is completely Google friendly.

8. What SEO method do you use?

• We follow Google webmaster guidelines.

9. How many keywords and URLs you accept?

• We accept 1 Url and up-to 5 keywords.

10. Can I make you admin for Google webmaster and google analytics?

• Yes, make us an admin for google webmaster and google analytics at dee@kinghood.co.za

11. How does Onpage SEO helps website?

• Onpage SEO helps in Indexing website with unique content along with best keywords. Result increase in ranking and traffic.

12. Does onpage SEO help in traffic and ranking for a website?

• Yes, Onpage SEO is first step to increase ranking and traffic for website. Onpage SEO gives website a direction on google and result we get right visitors.

Social Media FAQ

1. What is a content plan?

• A content plan is a document that will be sent to you before you social media campaign begins, in there you will find and proposed image and caption on the day the post will go out on you social media platform/s.

2. Do you create a content plan?

• Yes, all our social media packages include a content plan. We do not post anything to you social media until you have given us a documented go ahead.

3. What if I don’t like something you posted on my page/s?

• Simply email dee@kinghood.co.za and alert us. We will insure we remove the post in a timely manner. Corrections on the documented content go ahead plan will be re-agreed.

1. How does it work?

• Hootsuite is a social media management platform that integrates most social media platforms. We use Hootsuite to post content on to you social media pages. Please note you will need to have all your social media pages required in the package created before we can proceed with you campaign.

2. How do I add you as a page admin?

• You will receive a detailed PDF document with an explanation and links to video that help you set this up.

3. Are my account login details safe?

• You will be in charge of adding us as an admin to your account/s, because of this we do not ever need login details to any of your accounts.

4. Will I still be able to post to my social media?

• Yes, you will still be able to post to you personal and fan page while the social media package is activated