Unleash the Magic of Animation!

Witness Your Drawings Come to Life with King Hood Media’s Explainer Video Packages!

In a world where drawings come to life and stories unfold on the screen, there exists a power so enchanting it can transport you to extraordinary realms. And behold! King Hood Media possesses the magic to harness this power and transform your imagination into breathtaking animations!

Imagine witnessing your sketches come alive, as your favourite characters dance, sing, and embark on incredible adventures. With King Hood Media’s Explainer Video Packages, we’ll make your imagination soar and turn your dreams into captivating animated wonders!

Our team of skilled wizards will take your sketches and breathe life into them, infusing your characters with movement, speech, and heartfelt emotions. Prepare to be mesmerised as your creations leap off the page, transforming into vibrant beings before your very eyes!

But that’s not all! In our enchanted studio, we’ll sprinkle music, sound effects, and even special powers onto your animations. Your characters can soar through the sky, dive into the depths of the ocean, or wield magical spells. They can engage in epic battles or embark on heroic quests to save kingdoms. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Once your animation is complete, gather your friends and family for a grand premiere. They’ll be captivated as your characters spring to life on the screen, cheering and applauding their every move. It’s your moment to shine, creating worlds that captivate and inspire!

So, dear adventurer, with King Hood Media’s Animation Services, unlock the power of your drawings and witness them come alive in a mesmerising spectacle. Let your imagination guide us, and together, we’ll weave tales that enchant and delight audiences of all ages!

Remember, whether you seek Website, Video, Podcast, Branding, Photography, Animation, or Social Media Services, King Hood Media is your gateway to bringing dreams to life and igniting the flames of your imagination!

Embark on this magical journey with us and create wonders that leave a lasting enchantment in the hearts of all who bear witness! Contact us to embark on your animation adventure today!


How does it work?

Explainer Videos are great for kick starting  a meeting, presentation, event or conference with a simple to follow video.

Explainer videos unlock the possibility for you to:


Get your customers clued up about all your product and service offerings and your business values.

Funnel leads:

An explainer video helps you increase your signups and YouTube subscribers.


Explainer videos give you the opportunity to launch new ideas and instantly get customer feedback.


Reach targeted audiences through video ads, advertise on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Types of Explainer Videos:

White Board
Motion Graphics (2D & 3D)
Typography Videos

Our Video Production Process:

1. Conceptualise & Script
2. Storyboard
3. Animation & Voice Over
4. Final Delivery

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