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Fixxr is an online mobile mechanic platform that connects car owners to independent experienced mechanics that fix or service your car at your home or office.

Fixxr was started out of frustration and a need. Curtis Young, the founder at the time had a problem with his car and getting it fixed was a pain because he had to call around to 6 different mechanics, trying to get the right mechanic. He then came up with the idea of Fixxr as a solution for his problem. Curtis Young was joined in this venture by Bayabulela Jolobe as the Chief Operations Officer and Mawethu Soga as the Chief Experience Officer.

The mobile mechanic platform, Fixxr started operating in April 2018 without any financial aid and managed to reach an impressive R100000 in revenue in the first 6 months of operations. Nearly a year later, Fixxr won R500 000 from software multinational IBM following a pitching competition in 2019. The R500 000 investment prize from IBM has aided Fixxr to better the business processes. The company has went on to increase the number of mechanics on their platform and increase the team. Fixxr started off operating only in Johannesburg, and is currently offering services for most of Gauteng with plans to operate in most Major cities in South Africa within the next 5 years.

Typically, the auto mechanic industry is quite frustrating for all parties involved. Car owners are under most circumstances being overcharged for sub-par parts and sloppy workmanship and they are offered little to no communication and transparency throughout the process. For the mechanics, car owners usually do not understand that a car is a set of complicated systems designed to work in harmony and that fixing one problem does not necessarily always fix “THE” problem, especially when a component of another system lead to the fail of another, and lastly being underpaid and undervalued.

Fixxr seeks to eradicate these issues for both car owners and mechanics. The platform gives control back to the client by offering the client; fair and transparent pricing and ultimately a service that is convenient, safe and secure. The independent mechanics on the platform are offered support in every step of the process to allow them to only focus on getting the clients car in the best condition possible.

Fixxr works closely with the mechanic in order to deliver the best service for the client and to also be better positioned to inform and educate the client about their car.

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