Explainer videos great for businesses

6 types of explainer videos great for businesses

  1. Explainer Videos

People really like explanatory videos. It is the responsibility of the explainer video to describe what a service or product is, how it functions, and how it is distinct from competitors. Generally, 90 seconds is sufficient. While most explainers currently include 2D and 3D images, the video below was created with 2D graphics alone. Use explainer videos to boost conversions on the website’s home page.

2. Video for presentations (Ideal for Company Overview)

In these business movies, we discuss both the product and the firm. Having these videos created establishes the organisation as an authority and market leader. The minimal time is 90 seconds, while the ideal duration is 120 seconds. Presentation films have been enhanced with dynamic 2D & 3D visuals and animation, making them more engaging and interesting for viewers. A presentation video can be used as a marketing and public relations tool in addition to a tool for branding.

There is generally no in depth explanation, detailed data, or figures provided, and not a lot of information conveyed in these videos. In this way, corporations can keep using this video for long periods of time.

The tone, emotion, the visual impression, is vital to creating a powerful video. After watching a company’s video, you will get chills. While these movies are designed for a specific purpose, they are made to be watched in 30 seconds or two minutes. These videos are frequently employed in trade exhibitions and at business functions.

3. How To Videos (Ideal for FAQ’s)

Your consumers can use this as a video lesson. We teach spectators how to utilise a specific application, website, product or tool. An interactive tutorial that explains how to use a website or service. These movies created by corporations tend to be 2-5 minutes length or short clips, around 20-30 seconds each. Many of the site’s videos are distributed among other areas of the site, such as the FAQ, payment section, etc.

4. Branded Video (Ideal for YouTube Ads)

YouTube and other video hosting services have pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. This is a public relations (PR) tool to bring in new clients. The objective of business video advertising is to attract the attention of viewers as soon as possible. Special care is used in writing the script. Make the concept so novel that you can’t wait to watch the entire movie. The standard length of business video advertisements is around 30 seconds to 45 seconds. In the modern age of information overload, no one bothers to read it regardless of how intelligent and expensive it is.

5. Teaser Promo (Trailer)

Video used for games, events, and movie releases for public relations purposes. PC games and smartphones are included. Our teasers for the game doesn’t reveal too much about it. We want to draw people in, excite them, and motivate them to imagine and learn more. These apps include: the App Store, Google Play, Kickstarter, and Boomstarter. An optimal duration of 30 seconds is needed.

6. Logo Reveal (Ideal for Intros & Screensavers)

Videos start or end the video with this clip. The logo usually animates for around five to ten seconds.


To make your next video marketing campaign more effective, you’ll need to be developing several video formats in your next campaign. Any type of commercial film can be developed with the help of a video production company like King Hood Media & Consulting.

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