Inspire and attract your customers with quality videos

Inspire and attract your customers with quality videos

Both businesses and brands rely heavily on online video in their digital marketing campaigns.

A new study that includes numerous findings of the effects of video marketing indicates that customers believe that watching videos has allowed them to understand the products or services better.

In an annual report by, video analytics is cited as the leading online video platform feature. As nearly all companies will use some form of video analytics by 2020, the marketing world is discovering and embracing this. The report also shows us that,

The most popular types of videos are:

  • Explainer Videos
  • How To’s
  • Product Demo’s
  • Webinars

Corporations increasingly use web video campaign-based strategies, according to research. After once-off videos have done their job, they will fade away.

Although small and medium-sized businesses utilise video for several purposes, including recruiting and brand journalism, their biggest use of video is advertising. Based on the results, it appears that video could be a good choice for keeping an audience engaged.

Both SMMEs and enterprises (large and small) can benefit from online video campaigns. The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1,000,000,000 according to That said, there will be an increase in online video noise.

Think of the following questions before you start planning your next video as a whole, then you’ll see that you need an online video strategy!

Some companies often get lost in the planning stages when it comes to videos for their brand. People want to start creating videos because they believe their competitors have already started doing so. Small companies and startups don’t consider online video, as it is believed to be too costly and the benefits are unclear.

However, getting stuck without having a clear overall marketing strategy could result in a lack of freshness and success online.

The two things we always advise our clients are:

  1. Begin by listing your marketing goals and objectives.

In all honesty, we recommend that you plan annually. The timetable established by implementing this strategy will help you to establish deadlines as well as set up a video production pipeline. In order to promote collaboration, be sure to include all of the people from other departments, such as public relations, marketing, and legal. Constant collaboration with these different areas helps avoid numerous complications and creates a singular message to your customers.

  1. Consider your video campaigns as part of your business strategy.

You should involve your legal team or a patent professional in order to film a video about your own unique capabilities. While they are able to give advice on what can and cannot be said they can also give guidance on POPIA and GDPR regulations.


To make your next video marketing campaign more effective, you’ll need to be developing several video formats in your next campaign. Any type of commercial film can be developed with the help of a video production company like King Hood Media & Consulting.

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