King Hood Africa Releases Lyric Video For Energetic Single ’Shona Girl Power’

Afrobeats newcomers DJ Shorty, ZimBoi K.i and Slick T share lyrical visuals for their energetic single titled “Shona Girl Power,” available now on all digital platforms. You can watch the lyric video below!

The song is written by ZimBoi K.i and Slick T. An upbeat and breezy Afrobeats record from these exciting performers that’s likely to get people moving around the world. The group’s polished lyrics and engaging melodies remind everyone why King Hood Africa can transcend without sacrificing their original Hip-Hop sound.

At the beginning of each chorus, ZimBoi K.i says, “Baby girl you hot like fever, yeah / Zimbabwean diva, yeah. / You make me shiver, yeah. / A real hot diva, oh yeah.”

“This is a song that celebrates African women, Zimbabwean heritage and Amapiano dance music.” – ZimBoi K.i.

This new single is set to take Africa by storm! To read more: Click here

King Hood Africa’s “Shona Girl Power” is out now on all digital stores. Stream it now!


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